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Good news and bad news: the many revolutions impacting law firms

Ben Kent and Alastair Beddow, following their successful PSMG National Conference workshop, explore how the world of the in-house legal team is changing, and the strategic decisions law firms need to take to remain on the front foot. One of the highlights of PSMG’s conference was keynote speaker Gareth Tipton – Group Director of Ethics and Compliance and COO […]

Create clarity not complexity

Most professionals believe themselves to be great problem solvers. However, our extensive research highlights that professional advisers need to be careful that they are adding clarity rather than complexity to their clients’ issues. We have identified four pitfalls for advisers to avoid: 1. An obsession with risk The ability to spot potential risks is ingrained in the professional psyche. However, professionals are often accused of focusing […]

2015: The year of the re-energised marketing function?

2015 is already well under way: pundits have made their predictions for the year ahead, marketing leaders have discussed their priorities for the next 12 months with colleagues, and by now everybody is frantically back to the grind trying to turn these plans into a reality. But it is worth pausing for breath to consider whether your firm’s plans and priorities are sufficiently aligned […]

[Top tips] Getting the scope right

In part five of the series ‘the seven habits of a commercial adviser’ Ben Kent and Adrian Furner discuss how getting the scope right is fundamental to meeting client expectations and delivering commercial advice. [Habit 5] Getting the scoping right is the fundamental foundation for delivering a profitable project. As the recent PwC law firms survey 2014 puts it “The ability of partners to […]

Brave New World? The legal sector in 2025

Alastair Beddow, Associate Director at Meridian West, attended the  Law Firm Leadership Forum 2014, a conference for law firm leaders debating the future of the legal industry and the forces that are going to radically change the profession over the next ten years. Alastair writes his thoughts below: Across a day of very wide-ranging debate, discussion […]

[Top tips] Understand the people

In part four of a series of PM Forum articles on ‘the seven habits of a commercial adviser’ Ben Kent and Adrian Furner discuss how relationships drive business success. [Habit 4] What was the last big business decision you made? Even when we believe we are making logical decisions, the very point of choice is arguably always emotional. Understanding […]

[Top tips & case study] Understanding economics

In part three of a series of PM Forum articles on ‘the seven habits of a commercial adviser’, Ben Kent and Adrian Furner discuss how advisers need to demonstrate an understanding of economics. [Habit 3] What does ‘economics’ mean to you? Traditionally it is a difficult term to grapple with. A formal definition would be ‘the study of the production and consumption of […]