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[Seminar] How to take account management to the next level

Account management is sometimes neither well understood nor systematically applied. When done well, it helps advisers better understand and service key clients, but it is also a lever for more stable and profitable client-adviser relationships. David Maister, a professional services expert, writes: “The best news is that key account management is in everyone’s interests. Clients […]

[Top tips & case study] Commercial understanding

In the second of a series of articles, Ben Kent and Adrian Furner discuss how advisers can better understand the context of their clients’ businesses [Habit 2]. How much do you really know about your clients? In our recent study, Effective Client-Adviser Relationships, 52% of clients cite a lack of understanding of their business by external advisers as […]

[Interview] How can the finance function better meet the needs and expectations of the wider business?

The role of the finance function in changing across the corporate world. The drivers of this change are largely external. “The state of play of the global economy dictates what corporates expect from their finance people,” says Jamie. For example, during the economic downturn, and for a considerable time afterwards, the watchword was survival. This […]

Virtuous habits: embrace Commerciality to stay ahead of your peers

Research conducted by Meridian West and Financial Times shows financial professionals are perceived by their clients to be less commercial than other advisers. 34% of senior executives say legal professionals are excellent at providing advice that shows commercial insight, compared with just 15% for accountancy and finance professionals. Why should this be? With their grip […]

[Top tips & case study] How can advisers better achieve their clients’ desired outcomes

In the first of a series of articles, Ben Kent and Adrian Furner explore how advisers can better achieve their client’s desired outcomes. [Habit 1] Success needs to be defined by achieving the client’s outcomes rather than excellent inputs or outputs. Too often advisers confuse deliverables, with outcomes. This mismatch arises because professional services firms tend to adopt pricing models that reward their advisers for providing […]