The Commerciality Programme

Marrying up the ‘seven habits of commerciality’ framework and it’s 21 underpinning competencies with our skills in gaining client insight we can offer deeper understanding of what your client means when they say that you could be ‘more commercial’.

Actionable Client Insights

Using this insight we can work with you and your client to develop a program of interactions that will address the key points of commerciality that are important to them.

These interactions could be anything from: developing your team’s economic awareness or their understanding of the client’s sector; to better alignment of your processes, making you ‘easier to do business with’.

Our aim is to create ‘actionable client insight’ for you, and help you demonstrate to your client that it leads to improvement.

From our experience we know that creating this closed feedback loop is difficult to achieve, but highly value adding if it can be achieved.

“We get clients in here to help the lawyers by explaining to them what their job or role is.” Law firm